Committed: People that embody the values they have chosen and who, through this choice, give meaning to their existence.


FACTORHY. An unconventional name for an unconventional law firm. In addition to the people who work there, the firm takes inspiration from Andy Warhol’s famous Factory studio and its desire to challenge assumptions to offer a new dimension to the legal profession in the field of social law.

Conceived as a fully-fledged entrepreneurial project, FACTORHY embodies the values that Warhol held dear: creativity, audacity, innovation, combativeness. The men and women that make up the firm are fully signed up to this philosophical and pragmatic approach, for the benefit of their corporate clients.

Year of Creation


Clients reach out to the firm with questions about legal matters. FACTORHY goes beyond mere legal aspects in an attempt to understand their challenges and reach their operational targets. In short, it aims to be a lawyer/facilitator: offering solutions, rethinking projects, streamlining the lawyer-client and company-employee relationship.

How? Through comprehensive and digitised action: going the extra mile in analysis, taking account of risk, data, corporate culture, operational constraints, and working faster and more efficiently by using the latest technology. FACTORHY is a one-stop-shop for HR Directors for assistance in the successful completion of all their tasks: from resource management to social optimisation, from upstream consulting to litigation, from being the HR Director’s legal sparring partner to the production of legal documents, through training and company restructuring.

Its professionals work alongside their clients to provide high-quality legal advisory services and assistance in litigation proceedings. Its experts deploy advanced technical competence in legal matters related to human resources.


A lawyer specialising in corporate and social law that works closely with an HR Director, MD, CFO or company manager, is often seen as an essential partner in the event of litigation, or during pre-litigation advisory phases. They are also frequently seen more as a source of expense rather than an investment for the company.

The professionals working at FACTORHY are guided by a very specific interpretation of their role. The work they contribute throughout the life of a company is rooted in a search for flexible and adaptable solutions, which save the company both time and money.

As such, this involvement represents a genuine investment that provides tangible leverage in the short, medium and long term that is both measurable and quantifiable.

An ``External HR Director`` Lawyer

An innovative offer dedicated to SMEs and Mid-Caps enabling companies that don’t necessarily have the means to employ a full-time, experienced HR Director to benefit from a pair of “external HR Director” lawyers. Clients can take advantage of the best market practices and benchmarks. The team provided manages a company’s social agenda, produces all the documentation required by the French Labour Code, sensitively handles complex individual situations, prepares litigation cases and finds financially accessible legal solutions to optimise people management, productivity and remuneration with the company.

The ``Digitised`` Lawyer

FACTORHY knows from experience that transparency and direct access to information have become key aspects of a lawyer’s work. The firm offers a client extranet portal providing access to all ongoing cases; time spent, mail, legal documents, all of the work produced by FACTORHY for its clients is available, whilst maintaining compliance with the rules of ethics and confidentiality. Clients are therefore no longer reliant on the administrative work of their lawyer, and have direct access to their case files and all historical information.

The Partner/``Companion`` Lawyer pair

In order to achieve this objective, each of FACTORHY’s clients is supported by a Partner Lawyer/Employee Lawyer pair, which ensures a high level or responsiveness (responses are frequently immediate or almost immediate) and an exceptional level of legal certainty as all work, assignments and cases are handled by two people. This methodology also offers a very high level of creativity as the team provided to the client operates with a spirit of intellectual challenge, helping to identify the best and most creative solutions.

FACTORHY’s staff can be reached on their mobile phones at all times.


In accordance with ethical rules, FACTORHY contracts the financial terms of the work it performs with its clients in a transparent and modular way:

  • Fee arrangements establishing an hourly rate and invoicing on a time-spent basis
  • Flat-fee arrangements
  • Degressive fee arrangements in the case of systematic or mass litigation
  • Fee arrangements combining fixed fees and contingency fees
  • Permanent advisory arrangements offering a year-round presence and guaranteeing the service of a partner at a fixed and negotiated hourly rate

The hourly rates charged either vary depending on the years of experience of the partner/employee lawyer combination offered to the client, or are fixed in exchange for agreed volumes of work that are guaranteed at the start of the year between the firm and its clients.