Social management

Secure and streamline individual workplace relationships: the lawyer-facilitator


FACTORHY knows from experience that many companies are not responsive enough when it comes to individual workplace relationships. These companies are guided by the belief that employment law prohibits any managerial action or, conversely, provide a disproportionate response, outside modern managerial and business practices. In both cases, these poorly adapted practices are a source of disputes, financial risk, operational failures, loss of productivity and psychosocial or criminal risk.

Whether in the preparation of the employment contract, the different stages of the employee’s professional life, difficulties with management, contractual terms, or more, FACTORHY is present throughout the employee’s career in order that the workplace relationship can develop within a context of trust, productivity and respect for individuals as essential elements of the company and its management. The firm takes account of financial and criminal risks, key elements of the decision-making process, by putting itself in the place of the company manger, HR Director, or the person responsible for making a decision.


An example of our work: a partner involved in individual management, oriented towards solutions and collective cohesion.

Background: a company hindered by inadequate managerial practices

Action:  FACTORHY set up cross-functional management and employment law training taking account of psychological profiles, group dynamics and the principles of non-violent communication. For example, the ‘social call centre’: an option offered to HR and senior managers to discuss any type of problem encountered with individual employees over the telephone. The firm offers: phone calls, email proofing, meeting preparation, letter drafting (change of employment, dismissal, warning, response to complaints of harassment).

Result:  a management team capable of acting in line with current standards, bringing the interest of the company in line with that of individuals and the collective.

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