High-risk litigation management

Systemic litigation, mass or serial litigation, collective agreement litigation, criminal law employment litigation, striking right litigation: the “combat” lawyer


Employment legislation litigation is one of the most high-risk forms due to its operational impact in the event of:

  • Suspension of the consultation procedure for a restructuring project
  • Systemic litigation related to the application or interpretation of sectoral collective agreements
  • French class action
  • Criminal law employment litigation
  • Working hours litigation
  • Working hours litigation

All of these types of litigation require extensive legal knowledge of employment and criminal law, but also of high court practices, criminal courts, prosecution and investigation services. It is also in these matters that constitutional standards, European standards and dispute-related creativity are essential means of achieving tangible results.


An example of our work: developing positive law

Background: a company’s relocation project is blocked. The SEC refuses to deliver an opinion and requests information. The company fears that the judge will refuse to close the consultation procedure in the event of litigation.

Action:  implementation of an innovative argument to assert that failing referral and a decision by the judge within the consultation period, the procedure cannot be suspended.

Result: the operational time frame is adhered to, there is no judgement for interference with the works committee, no penalty or harm is incurred due to a delay in relocation operations.

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