Engineering of health, safety and working conditions

Prevention of psychosocial, industrial and health risks: the “safety engineer” lawyer


Whether within the company or in relation to matters of health, safety and working conditions, everything has a legal dimension. The lawyer is the natural point of contact of HR Directors and industrial departments in the area of health and safety. However, lawyers are typically the last to be informed about a case: when the fatal accident occurs or even when the labour inspectorate prepares the report…

FACTORHY offers you a team of legal and technical experts, helping you to understand the business risk, machine risk and industrial risk, all within a perspective of productivity and efficiency but also from a standpoint of criminal and social risk.

In short, FACTORHY incorporates legal risk upstream in industrial and production processes


An example of our work: rethinking health and safety procedures

Background: an audit of prevention plans requested following a fatal accident


  • carried out an audit of the prevention plans and a single risk assessment document
  • proposed solutions for improvement
  • identified the causes of the fatal accident, unrelated to the formal prevention plans or the single risk assessment document, through the complete absence of on-site controls by the companies operating at an enormous industrial site
  • proposed a specific repositioning of a number of employees responsible for safety, to move from process-led safety management to safety management through on-site controls

Result: a fall in the rate of workplace accidents and occupational diseases

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