Deferred compensation and URSSAF audit assistance

URSSAF disputes: anticipation, management and optimisation


Finding: In 2018, the URSSAF entities undertook 216,000 audits leading to adjustments in 90% of cases. Adjustments are complex and multi-faceted matters: professional expenses, benefits in kind, compensation for employment contract termination, employee savings, AGIRC/ARRCO supplementary pensions, supplementary social protection schemes, etc.

Companies are frequently insufficiently prepared for these audits, in particular the new methods used by the inspectors (use of computerised accounting entries file now systematic).

Our response: in order to limit adjustments, we offer you continuous support before, during and after audits:

  • Before the audit: preparation for the audit (strategy to be adopted for the different elements, preparation and organisation of documents, responses to inspectors’ requests, etc.)
  • Challenging an adjustment: support drafting all legal documents (response to the letter of observations, referral to arbitration committee, referral to the high court department responsible for corporate matters, etc.)
  • After the audit: consideration of the observations made by the URSSAF to review the company’s irregular practices.

Monitoring tools available on the client extranet portal (provision of documents, case file status, actions to be implemented, etc.) in order to simplify the management of URSSAF audits as much as possible and streamline our interaction.


Background: company faced with social security legislation control resulting in an adjustment

Action: implementation from receipt of the audit notification, support during exchanges with inspectors in order to adopt an overall strategy for the different aspects of the adjustment, assistance in the management of the documents to be provided; challenging adjustments based on unjustified accusations, where applicable; reviewing the company’s practices ahead of an upcoming audit based on the previous URSSAF audit

Result: reduction or cancellation of proposed adjustments at each stage of the procedure and implementation of sound URSSAF practices

Optimising social security charges and pay


Finding: legislation in the area of social security charges and pay has become more complex over time. Numerous anomalies may impact employee pay and put a strain on company budgets: erroneous application of an element of remuneration, mistakes when determining applicable contribution rates or social security ceilings, imprecise application of thresholds, poor use of electronic payroll reporting, etc.

Our response:

  • a precise and comprehensive analysis of each of the situations mentioned in order to determine your obligations
  • a comprehensive audit of your practices in the area of social security charges and pay
  • support with requests for reimbursement of unduly paid social security contributions or premiums with URSSAF entities
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