Active management of international mobility

Social-security and tax optimisation, contracting, relocation, residence and work permits: the ‘haute couture’ lawyer


International mobility is a major issue within French and international groups.

FACTORHY resolves:

  • Complex matters of social security and tax equalisation
  • Issues related to contracting and mobility options
  • Secondment, expatriation and other forms of mobility including obtaining work permits in France or abroad

International mobility can be considered from multiple perspectives. The complexity of this issue should not mask the innovative working methods implemented by FACTORHY.


Example: an obstacle hinders the rapid introduction of a French or Brazilian employee or an employee leaving the United States within a fortnight, which is extremely difficult to circumvent.

FACTORHY helps you to get round the systematic treatment applied in cases of international mobility and offers you ‘haute couture’ treatment in accordance with the high-level profiles your group needs.

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