Social audits, compliance, CSR, social rating

Modernise the social audit: from the ‘listing’ audit to the ‘plug-and-play’ audit


Managing human resources, acquiring a company, restructuring a company, making a company compliant in social matters: all of these steps require a social audit to verify the company’s compliance with social standards, assess the quality of the company’s social management, measure the work required or make it compliant. However, the social audit is often perceived as useless, inoperable or pointless within a company. From the flash audit to the Red Flag audit, the comprehensive audit to the compliance audit, the valuation audit to the acquisition audit, the photograph audit to the recommendation audit – there are 1,000 ways of conducting a social audit.

The firm’s operating methods are guided by a single aim: to identify the means of promoting the company or helping it to progress, to make a new method available to clients, moving from a ‘listing’ audit to a dynamic audit, and a ‘plug and play’ audit that can be used by HR departments directly.

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